Building and Grounds

Property Committee

The church building is used for many Zion and diocesan events, but it is also used by self-help groups, the Douglaston Community Theatre, and local organizations. The churchyard is one of our great assets with its glorious canopy of trees, historic monuments, and the uninterrupted sweep of lawn at the rectory. All of these resources need to be monitored and maintained. The volunteers on the property committee strive to keep everything up and running. The church was built on this site in 1830. With God’s help, we will be good stewards of the property to further our mission and grow our presence in the community.

Gardening Committee

This is a ministry for people who like to work together and get their hands dirty! There are flower beds that always need weeding and tending, trees in the churchyard that can always use mulch. A few minutes or hours spent beautifying our churchyard feels great—no experience necessary!

Plant and flower choices are selected for sustaining our local butterflies and bees, for being low maintenance, low water usage, and perennial. The whole neighborhood enjoy walking through the churchyard to appreciate God’s handiwork tended by our loving hands.

Zion’s churchyard is a historic church cemetery dating back to the 19th century. The committee preserves the records of the past and current burials. In cooperation with the Property Committee, they maintain the grounds. The churchyard serves as the backdrop for our picnics, outdoor worship and other events.

With its spacious parklike setting, the churchyard is one of Zion’s greatest assets. The beautiful old trees and historic monuments, including a Native American burial site, create an oasis of meditative calm in the midst of our busy city.