Open Position: Parish Administrator

Effective March 14, 2023


Reports to: Rector

Status: Part-time (16 hours/week)

Schedule: Generally, 4 days per week, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (this is negotiable)

Pay rate: $25/hour

FLSA: Exempt


Job summary

The church administrator provides administrative support to all ministry activities at Zion Episcopal Church as well as coordinating communications and being the primary church support contact for the financial needs of the church. We seek someone who has thoughtful ideas about how to improve our systems and will be a creative partner in helping us live out our mission in the community.


Essential Functions

  • manages and produces Sunday worship bulletins in cooperation with the clergy.
  • maintains the church’s data base, including membership and financial information
  • manages the use of the church building and church calendar by both internal and external users
  • maintains a neat and well-equipped office, managing the ordering of supplies for the office and church ministries
  • oversees the church finances in the receipt, deposit and disbursement of all church funds, including preparation and mailing record statements to congregation; and ordering, preparing, distributing, and tracking pledge income to membership
  • oversees the purchasing process and maintaining vendor relationships.
  • oversees the administering of the payroll for church employees
  • meets weekly with the rector, prepares reports regularly to the vestry (in cooperation with the treasurer) with prepared a monthly financial statement, and communicates financial and other information with various committees and ministries of the congregation
  • helps prepare the annual budget with the help of the committee moderators and church treasurer
  • prepares and submits annual reports to the Episcopal Church.
  • prepares and assists in annual process audit, including updating the process as recommended by the auditor and approved by the vestry.
  • Other duties as needed regarding financial and administrative support of committees and congregation.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to maintain discretion and confidentiality as the church administrator often works with highly confidential information and conflictual situations
  • Knowledge of computer systems, including word processing, electronic communication software, membership software, and financial reporting and accounting software for fund accounting (Quickbooks)
  • Technological savvy and familiarity with website development and updating, preferably with WordPress platform or equivalent and other forms of net-based communication
  • Competence with office equipment including phone system, photocopier, etc.
  • Able to pass sexual misconduct background checks and willing to submit to criminal background check


Physical Requirements

  • Ability to move freely in and out of buildings
  • Able to speak in a public forum and through telephones
  • Able to operate all office machines


Core Competencies

  • Attention to Detail: Consistently attends to the many small pieces which must be assembled into an organized whole; follows up on missing or out of balance items; resolves unanswered questions needed to address a problem; keeps the larger picture in mind while tending to the smallest of details.
  • Interpersonal relationships: Establishes good working relationships with congregation members and relates well to people inside and outside of the parish; shows compassion to those seeking pastoral support; demonstrates the skills of active listening and openly accepts criticism; productively engages and resolves interpersonal conflict; holds others accountable in the spirit of love; engages people positively, with a demeanor of optimism and abundance; is able and willing to supply answers and resources that others find satisfying.
  • Time Management: Is able and willing to focus time on tasks that contribute to organizational goals; uses time effectively and efficiently; plans and organizes appropriately for church, staff, and congregation schedules; values time and respects the time of others; concentrates efforts on the most important priorities; can appropriately balance priorities.
  • Trust and Integrity: Is seen as trustworthy by others; practices direct, honest, and transparent communication; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; doesn’t operate with hidden agendas; responds to situations with constancy and reliability.
  • Verbal and Written Communication: Is able to deliver a message clearly, whether spoken or written; demonstrates communication styles appropriate to the situation at hand; employs correct grammar, punctuation, and patterns of speech.


To apply: Please submit your resume and cover letter to the Rev. Lindsay Lunnum, Rector (